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Taking beach vacations to greater heights

Villea is all about family and togetherness. Feel our warm welcomes and generosity in creating spaces for bonding, from our cosy stays and hearty culinary offerings to thoughtful facilities and thrilling outdoor activities curated for group activities. Our beautiful beaches in Rompin, Morib and Port Dickson make perfect destinations for your tropical getaway. Revel in the sun, sea and tranquility as you are surrounded by abundant flora around our resorts. Let your hair down for an unforgettable vacation and leave the rest to us.

Villea Morib

Facing the coastal line of Morib Beach, our spacious chalets and guest rooms receive crisp sea breeze and warm sunshine throughout the day. Located in the serene areas of Banting, Selangor, Villea Morib is a 1.5-hour drive away from the bustling city centre, the perfect place to escape and relax. Make Villea Morib the next destination of your family vacations and social gatherings or accommodation during your business travels here.

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Villea Port Dickson

With a serene location at the edge of Bukit Batu Putih 18km away from Port Dickson town, Villea Port Dickson offers a peaceful resort getaway. Delight in the stunning views and ocean breeze from the Straits of Malacca during your stay at our amenities-rich apartment and guestrooms. We treasure moments of bonding among families and loved ones, as we offer an abundant of outdoor sports and fun activities for all ages.

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Villea Rompin Resort & Golf

Indulge in unique vacations at Villea Rompin, with direct access to a private beach and breathtaking views of the South China Sea. Spread over 500 acres of land, each of our guest rooms come attached with a private balcony facing our swimming pool or the sea for a distinctive beach getaway. Golfers get to take a swing at the Lanjut 18-hole golf course which receives soothing sea breeze especially in the late afternoons.

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